PTC9000 Medication Management System®

The PTC9000 Medication Management System® is a well-established and easy to use method of dispensing medication at the point-of-care.

Physicians may dispense to all cash (self-insured) patients, workers’ compensation, Medicare and most of the population insured for pharmaceuticals through the electronic claims adjudication feature of the software. The PTC9000 provides electronic connectivity to most third party payers for claims adjudication and individual patient prescription information to support quality of care. The system can also generate paper (CMS-1500) claims for Part B/major medical. Electronic communication of this data can also be done. The system manages inventory by automatically tracking dispensing patterns and placing appropriate purchase orders to PTC via broadband Internet connection or modem. PTC estimates that physicians using the system can reduce patients’ total pharmaceutical cost by about 50% through a combination of factors including compliance, generic and therapeutic substitution.

At its FDA/DEA inspected facility, PTC fills electronic orders from physicians by repacking into unit-of-use quantities required for dispensing which are shipped to the physician by common carrier. Just-in-time inventory management enables PTC9000 users to maintain relatively small inventories of pharmaceuticals while meeting all patient needs. PTC can deliver all FDA approved pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical claims are processed like MasterCard/Visa with electronic approval being immediate. Used properly, no medication ever leaves your office without you being paid or knowing you will be paid. Copays and sale of medications below the copay account for two-thirds of the income from patients with pharmaceutical coverage. The remaining one-third is paid on a regular monthly basis. These receivables are outstanding an average of 20 days.

For Patients

  • Nothing beats physician dispensing for convenience and “continuity of care”
  • Overall reduction in medication cost of nearly 50%
  • 60-70% greater medication compliance results in significantly reduced long term health care costs
  • 90% of your patients prefer getting their medications at the point of care

For Physicians

  • Converting $30,000 in overhead per physician now spent annually managing pharmacy, PBM and pharmacy payer call-backs/formulary issues into a profit center
  • $20k-$100k additional revenue per doctor annually
  • Competitive advantage provided by better patient service at a lower cost
  • Substantially reduces e-prescribing cost while adding significant income

For Payers

  • Lower overall drug costs
  • Dramatically reduced expenses tied to decreased medication non-compliance (medication non-compliance adds $100 billion yearly in avoidable medical expenses)

NOTE: Workers’ Compensation medications present a special and highly profitable potential in some markets. If you are in one of those markets, we are able to help you maximize that opportunity. Please ask us.

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Important E-Rx Update:

The federal government effectively mandated e-prescribing January 2, 2009. The current 2% incentive quickly becomes a 2% penalty. To your overhead you must now add the cost of installing and maintaining an e-prescribing system. What do you get for this additional cost? You get the ability to deliver a clean claim to a pharmacy at your expense and, after 2011, a reduction in your Medicare Part B payments if you do not conform.


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